Moon and Six Pence, Hablis Hotels, Chennai, India

irish bar design

Client Background

Based in India, the Hablis hotel chain operate superior 4 star hotels that target the young professional market. Whilst building their hotel in Chennai, they contacted us to create an Irish bar design for their hotel bar.

Project Details

From speaking with the client, it was evident that they wanted more than a simple hotel bar. They wanted to create a space that was unique to the area, would fit in with their target clientele, attract local residents and be easily re-created throughout India when they expand further. We created the Moon and Six Pence concept, brand and logo for them. With 4,440 sq ft to utilise, it was felt that a high end Victorian style pub would best maximise the space. The use of beveled mirrors, stained glass, elaborate tiling and decorative brass brought this vision to life. Paying homage to their past colonial heritage, a whiskey room was created with lush red leather seating and a fine glass, custom made whiskey cabinet, which now showcases the largest selection of Irish and Scotch whiskey in Chennai. To complete this Irish pub  build, a polished hardwood bar counter top was fitted, intricate wood panels adorned the walls and beautifully hand carved furniture was used throughout.

Scope of Works

  • Brand Creation
  • Concept design
  • Tailored Graphics
  • Custom-made flooring
  • Bespoke finishes
  • Handcrafted joinery
  • Furniture and lighting design
  • Bespoke finishes
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Project management
  • Fit out

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